Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing is a funding option which corporate clients uses its purchase orders or contracts to FundPark as a discount to get immediate payment to keep cash flow running.
We are serving industries across trading, manufacturing, services, and agencies for seasonal fluctuation in cash flows without collateral requirements and finance up to 70% of the purchase order or contract value.
Through our own proprietary risk management tool which consists of parameters that enables dynamic data collection, comprehensive verification and data analysis process, your invoices will get the most reasonable interest quotation within 1 day approval time.
Partnering with the world’s largest trade credit agencies and trade credit insurers, corporate clients are able to understand buyer’s creditability thus utilize different buyer’s invoices to achieve the best trade financing solutions.

Virtual Calculator

200K or less
5M or above
0 - 2 Months
Above 6 months
0 Years
Above 10 years
5M or less
100M or above

Amount in USD


Pricing of Invoice Amount


Disclaimer: This information is for reference only. No warranty or representation is given by FundPark as to its accuracy, lateness and/or fitness for a particular purpose. Any loan applications are subject to our final approval.

*For Amazon sellers, the financing cost is from APR 10% - 13%.

Suitable for


B2B or B2C Companies


Hong Kong Limited Company


Minimum 1 Year Audit Report


Amazon seller API Token (If applicable)

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