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What services does FundPark provide?
FundPark provides Purchase Order financing and Invoice Financing to Businesses.
What is Purchase Order Financing?
Purchase order financing is a short-term financing solution which FundPark provides Business with financing for its Cost of Goods Sold / Cost of Services against the Purchase Order(s) (typically up to 70% of the Purchase Order) provided by its Buyer.
What is Invoice Financing?
Invoice financing is a short-term financing solution which allows business to obtain cash advance against outstanding sales invoices (typically up to 90% of the invoice).
Who is behind FundPark?
The core management team consists of former-bankers from trade finance, credit and risk management and corporate investment in various international banks. Advisor board includes professionals and senior management from Banking, Legal, Information Technology and Businesses.
What is the difference between Bank’s business loan and FundPark trade finance solution?
Traditional Banks have been adopting balance sheet approach / asset-based lending approach for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”) that credit decision mainly relies on the financial statements of SMEs and Assets Value of the Collateral(s) provided by SMEs. Instead, FundPark adopts viability approach mainly looking at the trade transaction & supply chain of the Businesses, including but not limited to the information of the buyer(s), supplier(s) and other relevant information.